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ID : SHA5211586

Ns Group Real Estate

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Ns Group Real Estate

Ns Group Real Estate

Ns Group Real Estate

Ns Group Real Estate

Ns Group Real Estate

Ns Group Real Estate

  • Name of the business / organization :
    Ns Group Real Estate Investment - Development - Services LTD
  • Country :
  • Province :
    City of Kigali
  • District :
  • P.O. Box and City :
    1261, Kigali, Rwanda
  • Fixed telephone 1 :
    +250 252 57 65 18
  • Mobile telephone 1 :
    +250 78 830 54 38
  • Email 1 :
  • Web site :
  • Activity 1 (Main) :
    Real Estate Development
  • Activity 2 :
    Real Estate Services
  • Activity 3 :
    Real Estate Investment
  • Business / Organization Brief Description :
    ❐ Ns GROUP Real Estate - A Fully Integrated Real Estate Group

    NsGroup Real Estate applies its comprehensive range of sector-specific skills and expertise to help its clients and bring their projects to fruition. NsGroup Real Estate is a real estate operator capable of providing comprehensive solutions for private individuals, companies, institutional investors and local government authorities.

    NsGroup Real Estate can offer a fully-integrated range of specialist skills and services to each of its clients, from providing investor with the best opportunities of growth for their real estate investments, maintain and provide the technical components of real estate assets, and from carring out all the phases for a quality real estate development project, to managing and selling finished goods.
  • Products & Services :

    NsGroup Real Estate Investment purpose and visionary service is to provide individual clients, with the best opportunities of growth for their real estate investments. It is our recommendation for clients; investing where there is strong growth, return potential and where we have beforehand identified the best ongoing projects for sale. We assist the investor during the acquisition of their property investment and provide a “one stop shop advisory services” package

    Our Capabilities

    Whether you are an investor seeking returns from capital, a developer seeking transaction support or a tenant with accommodation needs, NsGroup Real Estate has the global expertise and industry knowledge to meet those demands.

    Putting our clients first

    We serve our clients basing on their real estate needs. We are always frank in our advice, taking a stand in our clients’ interests, and we are relentless in delivering value for our clients as we move from advice to action.

    We are a global firm, but we recognise that our clients’ needs are tied to the local markets in which they invest, develop, and operate. As a united, global team we bring the best expertise, insight and resources to help our clients achieve their commercial ambitions.

    Investment Agency

    Our investment agency professionals provide advice on the sale, acquisition and funding of a property, with specialists in office and business parks, retail, industrial, logistics and residential development. We advise a wide range of clients from financial institutions and property developers through to private investors and corporate occupiers.

    Whether you are buying or selling a property, our professionals draw on thorough understanding of local investment and occupational markets, and global expertise in the funding markets, to provide you with impartial advice on how to best meet your objectives. We then use our global reach to identify the right seller or buyer and bring the two sides together with an emphasis on managing all transactions to a speedy conclusion.

    Client Representative

    Our role as Client Representative is pivotal to driving forward the project partnering process and therefore requires a strong personality with energy, honesty and openness, integrity and professionalism to deliver the service effectively. The key aspects of the Client Representative role can be summarised as follows:
    To exercise any discretion fairly and constructively
    To facilitate an integrated design, supply and construction process
    To be supported by other Partnering Team members
    Organise and manage Core Group and Partnering Team meetings
    Organise and monitor Value Engineering, Value Management and Risk Management processes
    Organise Partnering Workshops
    Monitor project implementation on and off site
    Administer the Contract in relation to Time, Cost, Valuations
    Project Completion and Defect Rectification

    Building Consultancy

    Our project management and building consultancy teams bring together project managers, building surveyors, quantity surveyors, architects and interior designers to support our clients in the construction, refurbishment and maintenance aspects of property.
    We recognise that each client is unique and individual and that we need first and foremost to listen to their goals and objectives. Once the Client Brief has been fully discussed and understood then the level and scope of services required can be agreed. The framework for any project management commission will be determined by establishing the following:
    Clients’ Objectives and Constraints
    Identifying Stakeholders
    Determining Roles and Responsibilities
    Communication Protocol
    Monitoring and Reporting Regime
    Key Stage Review and Feedback


    Ns Group Real Estate Development is a branch of Ns Group Real Estate. For each project it develops, Ns Group Real Estate Development carries out all the phases of the project, which are :
    Prospecting of land and its development,
    Project design and securing financing,
    Functional and financial optimization of the project,
    Management of architectural design,
    Coordination of technical studies,
    Monitoring and management of works during the construction stage of the project,
    The marketing and selling of finished goods.
    NsGroup Real Estate Development has a particular approach to its mission that is divided in three points:
    A relevant choice of site, guarantee of the value of a real estate asset. This rigorous selection of site of establishment combines functionality and environmental quality.
    Flexible and innovating solutions to customers’ real architectural needs. NsGroup Real Estate Development helps you to clearly define the criteria to which your house must comply with and this, according to your real needs and wishes, and by proposing you modern architectural solutions that comply with the criteria we establish together.
    An offer of quality goods, caring about the details, the guarantee of a higher quality execution and the choice of affordable materials and in very competitive delivery times.
    While meeting the economic constraints of a project, NsGroup Real Estate Development puts on the market two ranges of products in compliance with a maximum of requirements related to durable development.


    NsGroup Real Estate Technical Services is specialized in prevention, maintenance and providing the technical components of your real estate assets.
    NsGroup Real Estate Services is an integrated player in real estate technical professions. Our Technical Real Estate Services are classified into 5 categories from the most standard to the most complex operation:
    Simple actions carried out without tools other than those already integrated into the equipment or device,
    Common operations carried out by a qualified personnel,
    Operations of general technicality carried out by a qualified technician,
    Operations of special technicality carried out by a specialized technician,
    Renovations, rebuilding, replacements of installations, equipments, structural or operational parts, according to a process close to the original manufacturing or assembling of the concerned elements.
    NsGroup Real Estate Services is a ”One-Stop Shop Place” for real estate technical maintenance.

    At the beginning of the mission, NsGroup Real Estate Services specify your needs with you, establishes a strict program of the preventive interventions and chooses for you the suitable actions and processes to implement.
    During the mission, NsGroup Real Estate Services ensures a strict technical and financial management of its interventions on your assets and constitutes a file of intervention including, in particular, the description of the works carried out.

    A good organization and a rigorous monitoring of this technical management require availability, expertise and competences and specific trainings which mature with the experience. Therefore, entrusting your asset to seasoned professionals of NsGroup Real Estate Services ensures you that your investment is in good hands.

    Thanks to an appropriate maintenance, not only do you maintain the market value of your real estate asset, but in the long run, you also increase it!
    NsGroup Real Estate Services creates value for your real estate asset thanks to its expertise in coordinated and integrated works, applied in a global perspective.

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